Tipam and Dudin

Mga matakaw sa Scramble :P

"Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of.  You know whatever you do, they'll still be there."  ~Amy Li

 And no matter how many times we fought over stupid things, give each other a cold shoulder after a talk fight, and sometimes hurt each other (a little :P).. the day won't end if we don't end up talking and laughing back to each others' company.

I am not a "I love you, sis" type of person, but just so you know, I love you, both. And I thank the Lord that He gave you to me, to us. I am lucky that you both are not Amazona-type of person. Kundi, deads na ko kay maldita baya ko sa inyo. Hehe. Libreha nya ko ha. Sige ra ko libre ninyo. HAHAHA.
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Bang the domo

After I blog walked on someone named Reese, I explored her blog and stumbled upon her Blog Walk post. It's about a list of blogs where they are hosting different contest and giving away much amazing prizes.

I visited each blog and decides which contest to join. I wanted to join each contest coz of the prizes their giving away, (They're so generous!) but some has a lot of mechanics, while I can't meet the requirement on some contest. So, I joined a comeback/birthday contest of HoshiGirl's With a Bang! It's not because her mechanics are easy but it's actually the prize that urge me to join. I looove her prizes, specially the Domooooo stuff! :) Well, I'm crossing my fingers here. And ooooh, June 10 is coming!

Mechanics are simple:

  • Like HoshiGirl*’s Facebook page

  • Like and support this awesome band, Auto Aim

  • Follow HoshiGirl on Twitter and tweet this: “I want to win cute stuff and $$$, @hoshigirl! http://j.mp/j8Is7K #WelcomeBackHoshiGirl

  • Comment on her blog entry so she will know you joined!

  • Blog about this contest and get +2 entries in the raffle!

  • Watcha waiting for guys, join this contest, too. Or you can join other contests!
    Try to look at these contests, and good luck!

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    Summer 2011

    This year's been the (almost) greatest summer of all. Simply, I spent my summer with my officemates, my college friends, and my family. It would have been perfect if I was able to joined my highschool friends on their Surigao trip. Oh well, there's no point in crying over spilled milk. I will have my chance.. soon!

    Samal Island Hopping [03/27/2011] 
    Island hopping with my college friend a.k.a. Ban of Brother (BoB). Sponsored by the Piclyf's New Year Raffle Promo, James. Hurray! (I borrowed some of your pics, master! =P)

    Maxima Beach Resort, Samal [04/03/2011]
    Our [supposed-to-be] Team Building at Maxima Beach Resort last April, 2011. With the Dev Team, Data Analyst Team, Business Team (my team!), System Admin, and our special guest, XML Master, GG. :)

      BlueJaz Beach Resort, Samal [05/05/2011]
    An outing with my sisters, aunt, uncle and cousin.

    Lastly.. This space would have been with my highschool buddies. Guess my next post for them will be on December since we're planning to go to Saranggani Island. :)

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