First Blood

I'm a fan of blog sites coz I love reading. I always wanted to have a blog of my own but I'm just not good in maintaining one. That's because I'm a laaaaaaazy and start-now-finish-it-someday type. Also, I don't have the talent in writing, which is really unfortunate for me :) I'd attempted many times to keep a blog but it always ended up either empty or left hanging or simply forgotten. There was one blog I kept before - that's because it was required by our college professor - but luckily.. it was forgotten after I graduated. Since then, I always tried to set up a new blog but, yeah, it was, as always, forgotten.

And now, my friends/classmates a.k.a. Ban of Belers *scratch Belers*.. Ban of Brothers (BoB) got back to blogging (I dunno if they stopped like I did. :D). They always skyped to visit their blogs and blah blah. As their friend *angel face*, I visit their blog for the sake of an increase on their $. Haha. Nah. I did it just because they said so. But really, it's for the $, right? :)

One of my friend, Mish, got encourage to make a blog of her ow. So she did, and as well as I. Well, I just hope and pray to the gods of blog that I can keep this blog up and kicking.
FIRST BLOOD! *for this blog* :))


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