Truth to be told, I am not anymore happy with what Im doing.

Yes, I'm stressed but it should not matter. If I love what I'm doing, at the end of the day, I'll sleep with no worry and wakes up looking forward for the day.

But what's happening is the total opposite. I'm dreading everyday I go to work. I don't even have the energy to start my task. I don't know where to start and how to end.

I'm satisfied with my previous task and I'm loving it. But unfortunately, I was given a new task and moved to a new core group, and honestly, I am not loving it, nor closer to liking.

It's like this task is draining my energy everyday. My brain can't produce any idea anymore. I don't even like to smile cause I feel dead inside. I'm like a robot built to do what was commanded. No feelings, no emotions and can't even say No. And I don't want to talk to someone coz I fear I might burst to tears if I start blabbing.

So. Here is where I end up. Ruining my blog. Blabbing nonsense just to ease what I'm feeling. Please just ignore this. Kapeesh? :)


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